What drives us at Surge

  • In today’s fast-paced and complex work environment, individuals and teams are facing increased stress due to the ambiguous nature of their tasks. Solutions are no longer solely within one person’s control, requiring a collaborative approach. Overcoming feelings of overwhelm and disconnection is crucial. Collaboration is the key to moving forward. Reestablishing connections to tap into our collective intelligence and creativity is essential. Prioritizing inclusivity can lead to the development of innovative solutions for today’s challenges.

Our People

Dr. Parveen Sandhu
Facilitator, Educator, Executive Coach
PH.D Applied Linguistics

Hi, I’m Parveen – workplace learning specialist, mindfulness practitioner, and facilitator of experiences that spark insight and emotional well-being.

I utilize human-centered learning informed by neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology to facilitate individual and group-based experiences for people to connect, collaborate, challenge and thrive.

I help professionals, teams and organizations navigate upheaval, and thrive in the face of adversity by drawing on my expertise and experience in adult education and coaching, through the use of online and face-to-face techniques and technology.

Over the last 15 years I have been lucky enough to work with individuals and teams from a wide range of industries, SMEs and MNCs, private and public. I see work getting faster, more complex and ambiguous, adding stress to individuals and teams. Solutions are no longer linear or in the hands of one person. More than ever, we need to find ways to overcome our overwhelm and sense of disconnect, and to tap into our collective intelligence and wisdom. The only way forward is together.

  • Ph.D in Applied Linguistics (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • Diploma in Advanced and Continuing Education (Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore)
  • Certified Search Inside Yourself Mindfulness Based Leadership and Emotional Skills Teacher
  • Certified Brain Based Coach (NeuroLeadership Institute, New York)
  • Certified 4 Stages of Psychological Safety by Leaderfactor (Prof Tim Clark)
Dr Parveen Sandhu
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David Swan
Projects Lead

David is an experienced project manager who has worked extensively with diverse global work cultures in the high-tech industry across Europe, America and Asia.

He oversees the costing, development and implementation of large-scale, multi-stakeholder learning programmes that leverage technology for impact. He designs the M&E frameworks that underpin and track the effectiveness of our programmes.

David Swan
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