IMPACTFUL LEARNING Transforming Behaviours for People, Partnerships & Planet

We are a Singapore-based leadership consulting firm working across Asia.

We specialize in assisting multinational firms with their people development initiatives, offering custom training solutions designed for Asian leaders. Our goal is to help these leaders navigate and integrate diverse internal and external cultures while effectively driving significant change in both their approach to work and their professional achievements.

Drawing from learning science and change leadership best practices, our programs are tailored to:

  • Equip leaders and managers with the necessary attitudinal shifts, knowledge, and skills to serve as effective change agents.
  • Address the unique needs of Asian managers and leaders, recognizing that international perspectives may not always directly apply.
  • Foster a deep understanding of general resistance to change and the challenges associated with adopting new practices.
  • Provide participants with essential stakeholder management skills to build relationships and overcome obstacles during the implementation of new practices.
  • Harness technology to transcend geographical boundaries, offering busy professionals accessible and engaging on-demand learning programs.


Our People programs are all about how to become a better version of you – personally and professionally.

Our courses include globally recognised programs that are being rolled out in some of the world’s most successful organisations to thousands of employees.



Our partner programs develop your ability to work with others, either as the boss or as a team player



We have compelling reasons to change the ways we are engaging with our planet.

But how do we get from what we are doing now to what we need to be doing?
Surge Consulting is a firm believer in the UN Sustainable development goals. So where we have a chance to contribute we grab it.


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